Monday, 10 October 2011

Pike Season commences

The piking season is here again, didn't have much luck this Summer due to illness so am looking forward to the coming Winter months for a chance of hitting my target of 30lb.

Started it off down on the Rother, getting to the spot meant walking through a forest in pitch black, had a couple of tumbles as muggins here forgot his LED headlights.
Was a warmish morning for October, ended up fishing in a t-shirt. Both rods set up on ledgered floats, one with smelt, one with a mackerel tail, which I should add were delivered in perfect condition and for a very reasonable price from Baits Direct.

Unfortunately for me, I only managed one run. My new Billy's Back Biter alarm went off on the mackerel baited rod. Now, I don't know why, maybe due to the continuous tone I assumed it was a full on run from my usual carping bite alarms so I struck hard and fast. Sadly, I appeared to strike way too early, I reeled in a smidgen of a mackerel tail that was left hooked on by bone. I can only assume it was a nice sized pike, and maybe the hooks were laying facedown. Stayed a while longer but didn't get any other interest. Am guessing the water could do with a dramatic decrease in temperature for static work.

Went home a bit disheartened, but also a bit triumphant that I know there is a big pike there, will try again sometime this week.

Some of the things I hope to review this year will include Billy's Back Biter, Shimano Super Baitrunners (XTR 10000 RA), Trakker Ultralite & Wrap, ATTs Silent Alarm and receiver and many more bits. My only limit is my health and time being spent on the waters. Here's hoping though...

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