Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Float Ledger Rig

One of my favourite methods of static deadbaiting for pike in the winter months, the float ledger rig is very versatile and gives great visual comfort when deciding when to strike.

Combined with an audible alarm, this setup will see you through when the water gets colder and the pike seek warmth on the bottom of the water. My personal preference is Billy's Backbiter alarm, as it is another great indicator when deciding to strike. It is the best alarm to show any drop-back bites you may get, indicating the line has gone slack as the pike has picked up the bait and moved towards you.

Please see attached the best diagram I could find, courtesy of P.A.C

My favourite floats are plastic, something I have learnt is balsa floats take too many knocks and when the outer layers are penetrated they start to take on water.

So Drennan have become my number one float, the Zeppler, and the Piker. 
They are both floats that can be fished in three different ways - they are most versatile.   
  • Stillwater waggler style with float stops and link swivel
  • They are also the perfect river floats and can be fished slider style using a simple stop knot
  • Fixed between two float stops at the top and a float stop and bead at the bottom
To stop the float riding up the line I use a rubber bead just above the float and a bit of Shirring Elastic thread to tie a stop knot above that.

On the business end I like a pair of sharp, strong size 8 semi-barbed trebles loosely fitted on a 20 inch steel wire trace of about 30lb. Just above the trace I use a rubber shock bead and then usually a 3oz ledger weight. My mainline is always 15lb Daiwa Sensor Mono, it is great value for money and is very strong for low diameter line.

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