Thursday, 20 October 2011

River Arun, Rowner Mill Pool (B.A.S)

River Arun, Rowner Mill Pool (B.A.S)

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River Arun, Rowner Mill to Wonderful Bridge

This section has a fabulous mill pool as well as several deep gentle meanders. Once again a good head of large river pike with Roach to 2lb, Carp to double figures and Bream to well over 7lb. This section also has a stretch of the Wey and Arun Canal which boasts a very good head of Bream and Tench as well as Carp to double figures.

For more information please visit the Billingshurst Angling Society website.

Closest postcode: TBC


Spro Big Fish Landing Net

My old Leeda Pike net had served me well, sadly the mice had got to it as well as the sun and it had been repaired more times than I care to remember. Time for a new net that would be good for roving pike sessions along the river, it had to be light weight, and easy to carry...oh and I wanted a mesh that wasn't cotton and could deal with clumsy treble hook snags.

After looking about on the net and reading some nice reviews I decided to give the Spro Big Fish Rubber Coated Landing Net from Harris Sportsmail a try. At £29.99 I thought it was a bargain. As usual, delivery was quick and I couldn't wait to christen it with a large hungry pike.

An ultra strong predator and boat net with extra large mesh and rubber coated mesh to prevent lures or trebles becoming entangled in the net. The strong aluminium handle can be slid upwards so that the net can be easily transported.
  • 75cm X 70cm
  • 60cm Deep
  • 1.60m Total Length

After a couple of successful morning sessions on the River Arun I have to say I am impressed. It is strong, very light and the mesh is fantastic, no more unhooking trebles after a catch.

The handle convienantly slides into the net head so it's a doddle to carry. It may be a short for some people but as long as you can get a foot near the water its fine.

I would thoroughly recommend this net if you need to find something that is good with trebles and lures. It would be a very good boat net too if you are lucky enough to get out on the water. It does not smell if left in the car overnight, as the mesh does not retain water.