Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's snow joke as winter bites

THE earliest widespread snowfall for 17 years has hit many parts of the UK and the beleaguered tackle trade hope this winter won’t be as bad as last year.

In England, initial snow fell mainly across the north-east and east with up to 8 cm recorded with a slight covering across the south-west but the Met Office think the cold snap could last two weeks.

Matches have been called off, lakes and canals have frozen, and many venues have been empty, as people in most regions of the country have had problems travelling.
Woodland Lakes owner Robin Fletcher up in North Yorkshire summed up the thoughts of many: ‘Hopefully this is just short and sweet.’

British Coarse Fish Records

British records are administered by the British Record, (Rod Caught) Fish Committee.

The Committee exists to recognise and publish record weights of both fresh and salt water fish caught on rod and line by fair angling methods in the waters of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, and aims:

If you catch a record fish...

There are many different records to be beaten, National, British, European & World. In addition there are Line class records, and Mini records. To try and clarify the situation we take a look at the different record lists and the "Do's & Don'ts if you want to claim a record.

Let's first look at the different record types.

Huge pike could break the British record!

THE biggest pike of the season has been landed – but the fishery owner thinks the super snapper could potentially threaten the 46 lb 13 oz British record.

Fisheries management student Jake Finnigan boated the giant from North Yorkshire’s Wykeham Lakes near Scarborough during a cheeky hour after he finished a day on his work experience duties.

It was weighed on a set of digital scales with a reading between 40 lb 3 oz and 39 lb 15 oz but Jake was so chuffed he was very happy to settle for the lower weight as his new personal best.

Now fishery manager Mike Heelis thinks with the right management the fish could pack on weight to maybe get near or over the current record from trout water Llandegfedd Reservoir in Wales way back in 1992.

World carp record hits 99 lb

AMBROSE SMITH smashed the World carp record with this truly colossal 99 lb monster mirror, as the global best nears the magic ton mark. But the drama didn’t end there…

The Denham, Buckinghamshire roofer caught the fish known as Scar from his mate Luke Moffats’ fishery Le Graviers in Dijon, France.
The fish created a huge global stir amongst carp fans after putting on 8 lb in just five weeks.

Bristol Avon, Chippenham (C.A.C)

Section 7

Mainly shallow with some deep glides and runs. Dominated by big chub and
barbel, with some significant roach and perch.

For more information please visit the Chippenham Angling Club website.

Closest postcode: SN15 4LT

River Rother, Fittleworth (P.B.A.C)

River Rother (Fittleworth)

For more information please visit the Petworth and Bognor Angling Club website.

Closest postcode: RH20 1EN


River Rother, Coultershaw (P.B.A.C)

River Rother (Coultershaw)

For more information please visit the Petworth and Bognor Angling Club website.

Closest postcode: GU28 0JF


River Arun, Watersfield (P.B.A.C)

River Arun (Watersfield)

High water at Watersfield is approximately two and a half hours later than at Littlehampton Harbour. Click here for tide times at Littlehampton.

For more information please visit the Petworth and Bognor Angling Club website.

Closest postcode: RH20 1NG


Churchyard Lake, Chichester (C.D.A.S)

Churchyard Lake

It holds specimen carp, pike, roach, rudd, perch and tench.There are a number of fish in the high 30's of which one or more are over the magic 40lb barrier at some point each season.

For more information please visit the Chichester & District Angling Society website.

Closest postcode: PO19 8PE


Fleet Pond, Fleet (H.D.C)

Fishing and Boating at Fleet Pond

Typical fish stocks are: perch and hybrids up to 2lbs, tench up to 4lbs, bream up to 5lbs, carp up to 10lbs, roach and rudd up to 11.5 lbs and pike up to 18 lbs.

For more information please visit the Hart District Council website.

Closest postcode: GU51 3QY

Shear Water Lake, Crockerton (Longleat)

Shear Water Lake: The Lake holds a big head of carp from 2lb to 26lb providing excellent sport for the specimen and pleasure anglers. The lake also boasts a huge head of bream which produce bags regularly over 50lb. Quality roach, perch, tench and rudd are in profusion making Shear Water a truly mixed fishery.

Little Shear Water: The venue also holds a big head of carp (up to 22lb) well into double figures, plus a good head of perch, rudd and bream, making it an ideal all round venue for anglers who like small, intimate venues.

For more information please visit the Longleat website.

Closest Postcode: BA12 8AE


Vinnetrow Lake, Chichester (Southern Leisure)

For more info please contact the office: (01243) 787715 or visit the Southern Leisure website.

The baliff Owen posts on CEMEX as Odog if you need any advice.

Pomp's view: Nice lake, big carp, weed in the summer can be a problem. Was syndicate for a while but I beleive it is now taking day tickets once again.

Closest postcode: PO20 1QH