Thursday, 20 October 2011

River Arun, Rowner Mill Pool (B.A.S)

River Arun, Rowner Mill Pool (B.A.S)

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River Arun, Rowner Mill to Wonderful Bridge

This section has a fabulous mill pool as well as several deep gentle meanders. Once again a good head of large river pike with Roach to 2lb, Carp to double figures and Bream to well over 7lb. This section also has a stretch of the Wey and Arun Canal which boasts a very good head of Bream and Tench as well as Carp to double figures.

For more information please visit the Billingshurst Angling Society website.

Closest postcode: TBC


Spro Big Fish Landing Net

My old Leeda Pike net had served me well, sadly the mice had got to it as well as the sun and it had been repaired more times than I care to remember. Time for a new net that would be good for roving pike sessions along the river, it had to be light weight, and easy to carry...oh and I wanted a mesh that wasn't cotton and could deal with clumsy treble hook snags.

After looking about on the net and reading some nice reviews I decided to give the Spro Big Fish Rubber Coated Landing Net from Harris Sportsmail a try. At £29.99 I thought it was a bargain. As usual, delivery was quick and I couldn't wait to christen it with a large hungry pike.

An ultra strong predator and boat net with extra large mesh and rubber coated mesh to prevent lures or trebles becoming entangled in the net. The strong aluminium handle can be slid upwards so that the net can be easily transported.
  • 75cm X 70cm
  • 60cm Deep
  • 1.60m Total Length

After a couple of successful morning sessions on the River Arun I have to say I am impressed. It is strong, very light and the mesh is fantastic, no more unhooking trebles after a catch.

The handle convienantly slides into the net head so it's a doddle to carry. It may be a short for some people but as long as you can get a foot near the water its fine.

I would thoroughly recommend this net if you need to find something that is good with trebles and lures. It would be a very good boat net too if you are lucky enough to get out on the water. It does not smell if left in the car overnight, as the mesh does not retain water.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

John Wilson in How Not To Handle A Pike

Terry Lampard's pike trace construction

Terry shows us his quick, simple method of tying a deadbait trace.

Martin Bowler's roaming pike setup

Martin demonstrates his free rover/deadbait rig. (

Float Ledger Rig

One of my favourite methods of static deadbaiting for pike in the winter months, the float ledger rig is very versatile and gives great visual comfort when deciding when to strike.

Combined with an audible alarm, this setup will see you through when the water gets colder and the pike seek warmth on the bottom of the water. My personal preference is Billy's Backbiter alarm, as it is another great indicator when deciding to strike. It is the best alarm to show any drop-back bites you may get, indicating the line has gone slack as the pike has picked up the bait and moved towards you.

Please see attached the best diagram I could find, courtesy of P.A.C

My favourite floats are plastic, something I have learnt is balsa floats take too many knocks and when the outer layers are penetrated they start to take on water.

So Drennan have become my number one float, the Zeppler, and the Piker. 
They are both floats that can be fished in three different ways - they are most versatile.   
  • Stillwater waggler style with float stops and link swivel
  • They are also the perfect river floats and can be fished slider style using a simple stop knot
  • Fixed between two float stops at the top and a float stop and bead at the bottom
To stop the float riding up the line I use a rubber bead just above the float and a bit of Shirring Elastic thread to tie a stop knot above that.

On the business end I like a pair of sharp, strong size 8 semi-barbed trebles loosely fitted on a 20 inch steel wire trace of about 30lb. Just above the trace I use a rubber shock bead and then usually a 3oz ledger weight. My mainline is always 15lb Daiwa Sensor Mono, it is great value for money and is very strong for low diameter line.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Pike strikes. Underwater fish camera.

Pike Season commences

The piking season is here again, didn't have much luck this Summer due to illness so am looking forward to the coming Winter months for a chance of hitting my target of 30lb.

Started it off down on the Rother, getting to the spot meant walking through a forest in pitch black, had a couple of tumbles as muggins here forgot his LED headlights.
Was a warmish morning for October, ended up fishing in a t-shirt. Both rods set up on ledgered floats, one with smelt, one with a mackerel tail, which I should add were delivered in perfect condition and for a very reasonable price from Baits Direct.

Unfortunately for me, I only managed one run. My new Billy's Back Biter alarm went off on the mackerel baited rod. Now, I don't know why, maybe due to the continuous tone I assumed it was a full on run from my usual carping bite alarms so I struck hard and fast. Sadly, I appeared to strike way too early, I reeled in a smidgen of a mackerel tail that was left hooked on by bone. I can only assume it was a nice sized pike, and maybe the hooks were laying facedown. Stayed a while longer but didn't get any other interest. Am guessing the water could do with a dramatic decrease in temperature for static work.

Went home a bit disheartened, but also a bit triumphant that I know there is a big pike there, will try again sometime this week.

Some of the things I hope to review this year will include Billy's Back Biter, Shimano Super Baitrunners (XTR 10000 RA), Trakker Ultralite & Wrap, ATTs Silent Alarm and receiver and many more bits. My only limit is my health and time being spent on the waters. Here's hoping though...

Friday, 3 June 2011

Summertime is here again...

As the clock ticks slowly towards June 16th a big part of me always gets high on that start of the season feeling. The anticipation, the hope, good weather, cool winds, BIG fish!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been sorting out last years tat, replacing batteries, winding on new line. Packing up my gear ready for the big night, and season beyond. This season I hope to write a few articles on items I have recently acquired, Pomp's Reviews if you like.

The blog has been a bit quiet of late, but I have not been well. Hopefully I will be able to get out and about and enjoy the waterside a bit more than last year this coming season.

I propose a toast to the new season, and that all you readers get your dream catches.